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View productCIO-DAS088 Ch A/D, 3 CTR, 31 DIO 8 channel single-ended...796$
View productCIO-DAS08-AOH8 CH A/D, 2 CH D/A, 3 CTR, 31 DIO Programmable Gains of...1501$
View productCIO-DAS08-AOL8 CH A/D, 2 CH D/A, 3 CTR, 31 DIO Programmable Gains of...1501$
View productCIO-DAS08-AOM8 CH A/D, 2 CH A/D, 3 CTR, 31 DIO Metrabyte Compatible...1501$
View productCIO-DAS08-PGH8 Ch A/D, 3 CTR, 7 DIO Programmable Gains of...1314$
View productCIO-DAS08-PGL8 Ch A/D, 3 CTR, 7 DIO Programmable Gains of 1, 2, 4 &...1314$
View productCIO-DAS08-PGM8 Ch A/D, 3 CTR, 7 DIO Metrabyte Compatible Gains 8...1314$
View productCIO-DAS08/JR8 Channel 12 bit A/D, low cost 8 channel...479$
View productCIO-DAS08/JR-AO8 Chan 12Bit AD, 2 Chan 12Bit DA Low Cost 8 channel A/D...637$
View productCIO-DAS1401/1216 Channel, 12 Bit A/D with Burst Mode & Programmable Gains...1252$
View productCIO-DAS16/33016 Ch A/D @ 330KHz, 3 CTR, DT CONNECT INTERFACE 8 ch diff....2422$
View productCIO-DAS16/JR/CTR516 Channel A/D @ 120KHz, 3 CTR, 4DI, 4DO Programmable Gain...1476$
View productCIO-DAS16/M18 Channel, 12 Bit, 1 MHZ A/D 8 differential input...3537$
View productCIO-DAS48-I24 Chan 12 bit A/D board configured & calibrated for 4-20mA...1501$
View productCIO-DAS48-PGA48 SE, 24 DI or 24 4-20mA A/D Input BRD with Software...1501$
View productCIO-DAS800Medium speed, 8 chan, 12 bit A/D w/ FIFO +/- 5 volt, 3 CTR,...1131$
View productCIO-DAS802Medium speed, 8 chan, 12 bit A/D w/ FIFO Gains 1,2,4,8, 3...1289$
View productCIO-DAS08JR/168 Channel 16 Bit A/D 16 Digital I/O Lines 8 channel A/D...663$
View productCIO-DAS802/168 Channel 100KHz A/D Prog Gain 7 Digital I/O, 3...1701$
View productCIO-DAS-TEMP32 Channel Semiconductor Temperature Sensor Board for AD592...1157$
View productCIO-STA-TCIsothermal Block w/CJC Sensor. For use with the PCI-DAS-TC...210$
View productSNSR-AD592-PRB1CNAD592 Sensor in a 1 Inch Stainless Steel Case, 3' Leads -...67$
View productSNSR-AD592-TO2 AD592CN Sensor Part, Plastic Package 19$
View productCIO-STA08Screw terminal board for CIO-AD08 only. Indicator LEDs &...131$
View productSNSR-AD592-PRB6CNAD592 Sensor In A 6 Inch Stainless Steel Case, 3' Leads- CN...67$
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