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View productPC104-DAS0820KHZ A/D, 12 Bit, 8 SI Inputs PC104...330$
View productPC104-DAS16JR/12125KHZ A/D, 12 Bit, 16 SE or 8 DI PC104...772$
View productPC104-DAS16JR/16100KHZ A/D, 16 Bit, 16 SE or 8 DI PC104...916$
View productPC104-DI4848 Channel Digital Input...168$
View productPC104-DIO4848 Channel Digital I/O Two 82C55 - 50 Pin...168$
View productPC104-DO48H48 Channel Digital Output Only High Drive...219$
View productPC104-AC5PB-24 Interface/High Drive Digital...155$
View productPC104-DAC066 Channel, 12 Bit D/A PC104...663$
View productPC104-LPT/2COM232LPT Port 2 COM ports with RS-232 protocol 16550...142$
View productPC104-PDISO88 Electro Mechanical Relays 8 Isolated (500V)...373$
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