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View productE-PDISO16Ethernet-based replacement for PCI-PDISO16 features 16 Form...772$
View product6230Ethernet-Based Voltage Measurement...5839$
View product6231Ethernet-Based Voltage Measurement...6280$
View product6220Ethernet-Based Voltage Measurement...4380$
View product6224Ethernet-Based Strain Measurement...6373$
View product6222Ethernet-Based Thermocouple Input...3358$
View productDaqBook/2001Ethernet-Based, 16-Bit, 200 kHz Data Acquisition...4819$
View productDaqBook/2005Ethernet-Based, 16-Bit, 200 kHz Data Acquisition...4011$
View productDaqBook/2020Ethernet-Based, 16-Bit, 200 kHz Data Acquisition...8032$
View productDaqLab/2001Ethernet-Based, 16-Bit, 200 kHz Laboratory ...3212$
View productDaqLab/2005Ethernet-based 200 kHz laboratory data acquisition...2723$
View productWaveBook/516EEthernet-Based Portable High-Speed Waveform Acquisition ...10630$
View productET-7060Ethernet I/O Web Based Ethernet I/O Data...337$
View productPET-7060Ethernet I/O Web Based Ethernet I/O Data...406$
View productTC-32USB or Ethernet-based 24-bit, 32-channel thermocouple...2721$
View productTC-32-EXP24-Bit Thermocouple Input Expansion Device for...1975$
View productWISE-5800 Web-based controller

WISE-5800 (Web...
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