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View productPCI-DAS607164-channel, 1.25 MS/s analog I/O board with two 12-bit...1941$
View productPCI-DAS607016-channel, 1.25 MS/s analog I/O board with two 12-bit...1701$
View productPCI-DAS604016-channel, 250 kS/s analog I/O board with two 12-bit...1157$
View productPCI-DAS602516-channel, 200 kS/s analog I/O boards with two 12-bit...837$
View productPCI-DAS602316-channel, 200 kS/s analog I/O boards with eight DIO, and...728$
View productPCI-DAS4020/12Ultra High-Speed PCI-bus Compatible, 4-Channel, 12-Bit...2095$
View productPCI-DAS1602/1216 Channel 330KHz 12-Bit-A/D with 3uS Burst Mode & Prog...1367$
View productPCI-DAS1200/JRHigh-speed PCI-bus compatible, 16-channel analog input...956$
View productPCI-DAS1002 (Not available)High-Speed PCI-bus Compatible, 12-bit, 16-Channel Analog...1091$
View productPCI-DAS1001 High-Speed PCI-bus Compatible, 12-bit, 16-Channel Analog...1195$
View productPCI-DAS1000 (Not available)250 kHz PCI-bus compatible, 16-channel analog input board...772$
View productPCI-DAS08Low Cost, PCI-bus Compatible, 8-Channel Analog Input Board...358$
View productPCIM-DAS16JR/1616 channel, 16-bit analog input board simplifies migration...663$
View productPCIM-DAS1602/16 (Connector DB37 compatible )16 channel, 16-bit A/D with burst mode 2 D/A, 32 DIO and 3...1208$
View productPCI-DAS6402/16High-Speed PCI-bus Compatible, 16-bit, 64-Channel Analog...1941$
View productPCI-DAS605216-channel, 333 kS/s analog I/O board with two 16-bit...1862$
View productPCI-DAS6036Low-cost, 16-channel, 200 kS/s analog I/O boards with two...969$
View productPCI-DAS6035PCI-bus compatible, 16 channels of 16-bit A/D board with...1157$
View productPCI-DAS603364-channel, 100 kS/s analog I/O boards with eight digital...1820$
View productPCI-DAS603216-channel, 100 kS/s analog I/O boards with eight digital...1396$
View productPCI-DAS603164-channel, 100 kS/s analog I/O boards with two 16-bit...1979$
View productPCI-DAS603016-channel, 100 kS/s analog I/O boards with two 16-bit...1898$
View productPCI-DAS6014Basic, 16-channel, 200 kS/s I/O boards with two 16-bit...743$
View productPCI-DAS6013Basic, 16-channel, 200 kS/s I/O boards with eight digital...584$
View productPCI-DAS1602/16High-Speed PCI-bus Compatible, 16-bit, 16-Channel Analog...1728$
View productPCI-DAS-TC/BRD16 Ch Thermocouple board...889$
View productPCI-DAS-TC16-channel thermocouple board including screw terminal...1208$
View productPCI-251316 channel, 16 bit, 1MHz, PCI DAQ with Programmable...1208$
View productPCI-251516 channel, 16 bit, 1 MHz, PCI DAQ with...1383$
View productPCI-251716 channel, 16-bit analog I/O board, 1-MHz, four...1527$
View productPCI-251116-channel, 16-bit 1-MHz analog input board


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