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View productCA-150-1 CE-compliant cable, 1 male BNC to male BNC 137$
View productCA-150-8 CE-compliant cable, 8 male BNC to male BNC 907$
View productRackDBK4Rack-mount kit for 1.5U case155$
View productWBK13A 8-Channel Programmable Low-Pass Filter Card with...5636$
View productWBK15 8-Channel Multifunction Isolated Signal Conditioning...2231$
View productWBK16 8-Channel Multifunction Isolated Signal Conditioning...6432$
View productBCR/1000/1 1000 Ohm bridge resistor 18$
View productBCR/120/1 120 Ohm bridge resistor 18$
View productBCR/350/1 350 Ohm bridge resistor 18$
View productWBK16/LC Load cell shunt cal option for WBK16 71$
View productWBK16/SSH 8-Channel Strain Gage Module with Simultaneous Sample...6911$
View productWBK17 8-Channel Counter/Encoder/High-Voltage Module ...4344$
View productWBK18 8-Channel Dynamic Signal Conditioning Module with TEDS...6835$
View productWBK40 14-Channel Thermocouple Input Module for the WaveBook...3537$
View productWBK41 Multifunction I/O Module for the WaveBook and...3696$
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