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Nous égalerons leur offre de prix publiés, + une réduction additionnelle de 5%.

Nous visons à offrir les meilleurs prix canadiens pour les produits d’interface Acquisition et Contrôle sur PC.

Nous égalerons leur offre de prix publiés, + une réduction...



We strive for the best Canadian price in Data Acquisition and control interfaces.


If you find a better...

Trueform arbitrary waveforms with TiePie Handyscope HS5 CDS technologyTiePie Handyscope HS5 arbitrary function generator offers the lowest THD in its class. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TiePie's exclusive...2014-12-08View
Ex: Load cell MeasurementThis Video on Yutube shows how to use the MCC USB-2408 DAQ Device to measure and display a load cell output signal with TracerDAQ Pro2014-08-13View
Application mesure des ultrasonsUn exemple d’application des modules HandyScope: Protection des resources de poissons par le contrôle de la direction de leurs déplacements par mesure des ultrasons2014-08-12View
Nouveau: HandyScope HS5, un puissant outil de mesureUn instrument hors pair dans la classe des oscilloscope USB:
- Un Oscilloscope haute résolution de 12. 14 et 16 bits ( c’est 256 fois meilleure résolution en amplitude qu’un...
Measurement Computing a mise en ligne 3 présentations vidéos sur Youtube
  1. Présentation des enregistreurs autonomes Measurement Computing (Introduction to Measurement Computing Data Loggers)

    Les enregistreurs de données...

Data Acquisition Handbook ***FREE DOWNLOAD***The third edition of the Data Acquisition Handbook is available for download and has been enhanced to address more practical applications than theoretical measurement issues. Each chapter...2012-04-26View
MCCDAQ Product Selection GuideThe new Measurement Computing 2011 & 2012 Product Selection Guide

A 16-page interactive brochure/catalog, covering all of our most popular products including USB, PCI and PCIe,...
MCCDAQ Guide de Selection des ProduitsGuide de Selection des Produits de 16 pages présentant nos produits les plus populaires incluant les modules USB, cartes PCI, PCIe, produits ethernet enregistreurs et...2011-12-29View
Synchronization / Precision Timing on USBChronoLogic’s USB-inSync™ products combine the flexibility and connectivity of the USB bus with the synchronized performance of high-end industrial control platforms like PXI and...2011-09-13View
GSMS- MSM Security SystemsGSMS-SMS 2010-09-23View
Handyprobe HP3 PC based 100 MS/s differential USB oscilloscope.
  • 800 V DC / 566 V RMS input range
  • Differential input
  • 10 bit resolution
  • 100 MSamples/s sampling rate
  • 1 MiSamples record length
  • ...
    New NOHAU Emulator for For Freescale MC9S12XDPNew Nohau BDM emulator with TRACE For Freescale MC9S12XDP, 68HC912 & MC9S12 Series $2,195 Model Number EMUL12-PC/BDM
    Currently supports: MC9S12XDP, 68HC912D60 & A,...
    Topic: The RazorTM FamilyWe are excited to announce to you our new addition of lower-priced 12-and 14-bit Razor family digitizers. Similar to the 16-bit Razor family, the new Razor CompuScope models feature up to 4 channels,...2010-03-01View
    Embedded Systems· Intel Celeron M 1.6GHz up to Pentium M 1.8GHz CPU· Fanless design· Dual LAN, 3 x COM ports, 4 x USB ports· Space for 2.5" slim HDD and 1 x onboard CF slot· One PCI expansion slot· DC 11~28V...2009-08-27View
    Haute/High Performance Oscilloscope

    S’il vous faut un échantillonnage en temps réel à haute vitesse,...

    Mini ITX BookSize PCMini ITX BookSize PC New very small ,Intel "Core 2 Duo" Duo Core processor for embedded application. Has Slim DVD-RW, internal 2.5" hard disk and up to 4 Gb of RAM. VGA and HDTV-Out. 8 x USB...2009-01-20View
    PC-Based Logic Analyzer with Pattern GeneratorThe LA-Gold-36 is a high performance logic analyzer with an integrated pattern generator. It was designed to be of superior technical quality to ensure measurements of excellent signal integrity....2007-04-10View
    Long Life Cycle ATX Motherboard-NEATEK Technology-
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