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Detailed features:
PC/104 Thermal Controller Module

Simply by adding this PC/104 module you will be able to extend the acceptable temperature range outside your system to -40¢XC ~ +90¢XC.
The ICOP-1300 is capable of measuring your systems temperature and takes decisive action to keep its temperature within preset boundaries. The module has temperature measurement circuitry onboard that can regulate a power source for a heavy duty cooling fan and a power relay for a heating device. This enables you to use your system under temperature conditions that before where off limits.
When the internal temperature reaches a preset value, the module will generate a sustained RESET, which will effectively disable your system and will sound an audible alarm to indicate that the system is temporarily offline. Lower level and upper level presets can be configured from 0~9¢XC and 0~99¢XC
The cooling fans 12 V power source comes from the system's standard power supply. The power relay for the heating device can support up to 1500 Watt
90(L) x 96(W)mm , (3.54" x 3.78")
Weight 80g
Operating Temperature -40~+80¢XC

Dimensions90(L) x 96(W)mm , (3.54" x 3.78")
Operating Temperature-40~+80¢XC
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