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Detailed features:
PC/104 Remote Diagnostic Moudle

The ICOP-1400 is a stand-alone device that independently can monitor the hardware / software state of your system. Its most simple function is to report POST codes during system boot up. Built-in logic together with a serial interface let the module be controlled remotely through a standard dialup connection. Diagnostic information is send through the dialup connection and matched with a BIOS database to give a clear text information rather than codes. The remote user can reset the main system by issuing commands remotely through the dialup connection.
Besides hardware diagnostics, the module can survey a running system by monitoring the system I/O channels. It can either monitor the system standard I/O ports (RS-232 etc) or can use non-assigned I/O ports as interfaces to transfer information between the software and diagnostic module.
The ability to remotely debug a running system has a wide field of application. At the stage of the system developing, this can be extremely helpful. However the most important feature of remote debugging is that it will reduce the maintenance costs of a system dramatically since an engineer can dial-in to a system from his own workplace.
90(L) x 96(W)mm , (3.54" x 3.78")
Weight 60g

Dimensions90(L) x 96(W)mm , (3.54" x 3.78")
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