Industrial Computers/PC/104
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Detailed features:
Embedded 386SX CPU AIO Module with 2S/DOC/2S/DOC/CRT/LCD/8MB DRAM Onboard, Specially Designed for FCC Class B Products

DM&P(ALi)M6117D System-on-Chip CPU 386SX-60MHz
Data Bus: 16-bit
Bus Speeds: 8MHz, programmable up to 16MHz
DMA Channels: 7
Interrupt Levels: 15
Watchdog Timer: 30.5uS to 512uS
Real Time Clock with Lithium Battery Backup
System Memory Onboard 8MB
Bus Interface PC/104 Standard Compliant
I/O Interface
ALi 5113 Super I/O Controller
Enhanced IDE interface x1
RS232 port x2 (One RS232/485 optional TTL level)
two floppy drives
Parallel port x1
FDD interface x1
Bi-directional Parallel Port x1
16-bit GPIO
10-pin box header for RS-232 port x2
26-pin box header for parallel port
5-pin header for PS/2 keyboard
5-pin header for PS/2 mouse
10-pin box header for VGA port
44-pin box header for flat panel VGA
2-pin header for RS-485 port
34-pin box header for FDD
40-pin box header for enhanced IDE
One 32-pin socket for for DiskOnChip/Flash
1MB Onboard
16-bit ISA bus
Panel Data Bus: 24-bit
Display: CRT and Flat Panel Mono/TFT/DSTN/EL
Resolution: up to 1024 x768 @ 256 colors
Built-in Flash Disk up to 350KB or support DOM through IDE interface from 4MB up to 256MB
single voltage +5 V @ 700 mA
Built-in NVSRAM
One socket supporting-DiskOnChip 8MB~256MB
Flash ROM 512KB (ST28040)
NVSRAM selectable 128KB/256KB/512KB
Power Requirement
Single Voltage +5V @600mA
Board Weight 90g
Board Size 90mm X 96mm (3.54 x 3.77 inches)
Operating Temperature -20¢X C ~ +60¢X C

Data Bus16-bit
Bus Speeds8MHz, programmable up to 16MHz
DMA Channels7
Interrupt Levels15
Watchdog Timer30.5uS to 512uS
Power RequirementSingle Voltage +5V @600mA
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