Industrial Computers/Embedded PC
Price: 2081$

Detailed features:
Embedded Computer

300 Mhz CPU, 128 MB RAM, dual Ethernet ports, dual USB ports, dual RS 232 ports, one VGA port, one Compact Flash Slot, one Keyboard port, one Mouse port, one PC-104 slot, one Printer port, and 256 MB Compact Flash Drive with CE.NET pre-installed

The NTE-210 is a slim rugged DIN-rail mounting or wall-mounting or designed for space limited applications. It features one NS GX1-300 MHz CPU, 128MB SDRAM, two Ethernet ports, one DB15 VGA port, one PS/2 Keyboard, one PS/2 mouse, one CompactFlash socket and one AC power input socket. It also supports one PC-104 socket internally.

Since NTE-210 has one PC 104 socket, users can add any PC/104 module. We can modify the case for OEM or ODM case.

  • IBM PC/AT compatible
  • Fan-less operation
  • Built-in power supply
  • Low power consumption
  • DIN-rail mounting or wall mounting
  • CPU : GX1-300MHz
  • One RS-232 port
  • Two USB port
  • Dual Ethernet socket
  • One CompactFlash socket
  • One PS/2 keyboard, one PS/2 Mouse
  • One D-sub 15-pinVGA connector
  • Support 128 MB SDRAM
  • Applications
    • Factory automation
    • Machine control
    • Web Server

System memoryOne 144-pin 128MB SDRAM
BIOSAWARD 256KB Flash memory
Display ControllerMediaGx processor has applied the UMA technology that provieds 1.5-4MB display memory, to be set up by BIOS Support non-interlaced CRT monitors resolutions up to1280x1024@256 colors or 1024x768@16bpp
IDE interfaceThe IDE supports two PCI Enhanced IDE hard drives
Serial portsTwo RS-232 ports
PS/2 Mouse/Keyboard connectorA 6-pin header connector is located on the mounting bracket for easy connection to a PS/2 keyboard or PS/2 mouse
Dimensions102mm x 160mm x 120mm
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