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Detailed features:
Compact Wall Mount Chassis - PAC-400G
Model : PAC-400G-ACE-4518AP

5-Slot Half-Size chassis with ACE-4518AP-RS (RoHS compliant)

Others models available :

  • PAC-400G-ACE-916AP
  • PAC-400G-ACE-816AP

  • Specifications:
    Slots in Total5-Slot, 4 for expansion
    BackplaneBP-4S-RS-R30 (ISA x 4); IP-4S-RS-R30 (PCI x 3); IP-4S2-RS-R30 (PCI x 2 + ISA x 1); IP-4SA-RS-R30 and IP-4S2A-RS-R30 (PCI x 3)
    Drive Bay3.5" x 1
    Power SupplyAT PSU: ACE-916AP-RS, 150W AT PSU; ATX PSU: ACE-4518AP-RS, 180W and ACE-816AP-RS, 150W ATX for option
    AccessesUSB x 2; Power Switch with LED; Reset Button; HDD LED; LPT x 1 and COM x 1 with removable shields
    Dimension269mm x 140mm x 230.5mm (DxWxH)
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