Industrial Computers/Compact chassis
PAC-50G/ IP-3S
Price: 117$

Detailed features:
3-slot compact chassis with IP-3S backplane.

Supports backplane IP-3S, BP-3S, IP-3S2
Supports max. card length : 190mm
Five DC input terminal block for power supply connection
Convenient FDD, HDD & parallel port cables for external connection
Vibration :
-5~17Hz, 0.1" double amplitude displacement
-17~640Hz, 1.5G acceleration peak to peak
Shock :
10G acceleration peak to peak (11ms)
Color :
Industrial Green (PANTONE 417C)
Dimensions :
91(W) x 146.7(H) x 218(D)mm; (3.6" x 5.7" x 8.6")Net/GW
(kg) : 2/3

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