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View productC488-2M2 Meter IEEE-488 Cable

View productCIO-COM422RS232, RS422 & Current Loop Interface Single Channel...218$
View productCIO-COM422/550COM 1-4, RS232, RS422, ILOOP W/...259$
View productCIO-COM485COM485...218$
View productCIO-DUAL422Two Channel RS-422 Interface Board For Personal...245$
View productCIO-DUAL422/550Dual Channel RS-422 with 16550...315$
View productPCI-COM422/485-2PCI-COM422/485-2 is a dual port RS-422/485...359$
View productPCI-COM422/485PCI-COM422/485 is a single port RS-422/485...289$
View productPCI-COM232/2PCI-COM232/2 is a dual port RS-232...259$
View productPCI-COM232PCI-COM232/2 is a dual port RS-232...218$
View productNEMA-18P1309Inner panel for 16x12x6 enclosure NEMA-2R16126 or...71$
View productNEMA-2DMK16Din Rail installation kit for 16x12 enclosures, Not...105$
View productNEMA-2DMK20Din rail installation kit for 20x20 enclosures, Not...112$
View productNEMA-2P16126NEMA4, 16X12X6 enclosure 359$
View productNEMA-2P20206NEMA4 20X20X6 Enclosure 432$
View productNEMA-2R16126NEMA12, 16x12x6 enclosure 328$
View productNEMA-2R20206NEMA12, 20x20x6 enclosure 405$
View productNEMA-2ZPMFMounting feet for Series 2000 enclosures 29$
View productPCI-COM232/2/SPCI Bus Dual Port RS-232 interface with DB9...315$
View productPCI-COM232/SSingle Port RS-232 interface w/surge...245$
View productPCI-COM422/485/2/SPCI Bus Dual Port RS422 or RS485 with surge...476$
View productPCI-COM422/485/SPCI Bus Single Port RS422 or RS485 interface with...315$
View productTP-ACC20Accelerometer TP-ACC20

The Accelerometer...
View productSWITCHANDSENSE-8/8Digital I/O interface for the USB bus w/8 3-24V AC/DC...467$
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