Topic: The RazorTM Family
Headline date: 2010-03-01

We are excited to announce to you our new addition of lower-priced 12-and 14-bit Razor family digitizers. Similar to the 16-bit Razor family, the new Razor CompuScope models feature up to 4 channels, 200 MS/s maximum sampling per channel, up to 2 GS of on-board memory and 125 MHz bandwidth. Compared to the 16-bit Razors, the only differences are the vertical resolution and the dynamic parameters. Please refer to the following table for a comparison of dynamic parameters of the 16-, 14-and 12-bit Razor models.







74.5 dB

72.9 dB

68.3 dB

60.7 dB


-83.7 dB

-81.9 dB

-77.2 dB

-66.3 dB


74.2 dB

72.4 dB

67.8 dB

59.7 dB


12 dB

11.7 dB

11.0 dB

9.6 dB


84.5 dB

87.6 dB

83.2 dB

71.0 dB

Noise Floor

-113.3 dB

-105.4 dB

-100.6 dB

-93.0 dB

At the same price as the CS14200, the 2-channel 14-bit Razor (CS1422) is introduced to replace the CS14200, to which the CS1422 is superior in every way. The base model of CS1422 comes with standard 128 MS memory, while the CS14200 comes with only 32 MS of memory. Also, all CS1422 performance metrics and features are superior to those of the CS14200. Furthermore, the CS1422 includes a high voltage input range of 50V, while the CS14200’s maximum input range is only 5V. Finally, there is no need for a customer to purchase two Master/Slave CS14200s, since they can simply purchase a single 4-channel CS1442. As with all Razor CompuScopes, up to eight 12- or 14-bit Razor CompuScopes may be configured in a Master/Slave system for simultaneous sampling on up to 32 channels.


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