Synchronization / Precision Timing on USB
Headline date: 2011-09-13

ChronoLogic’s USB-inSync™ products combine the flexibility and connectivity of the USB bus with the synchronized performance of high-end industrial control platforms like PXI and VXI.

Until the development of ChronoLogic’s USB-inSync™ technology,instrumentation users requiring precision timing and synchronization had few options when looking for products to meet their requirements. These users were forced to purchase high-cost, rack-based instrumentation solutions such as VXI and PXI. This has now changed with the introduction of USB-inSync™, which provides users with a distributed platform offering precision timing and synchronization capability, using the user-friendly USB port. This opens a whole array of new distributed and portable options for test and measurement applications.

USB-inSync™ provides a dedicated system reference clock. Each device requiring timing and synchronization information is provided an on-board clock which is nanosecond phase locked to all other USB-inSync™ device clocks via USB software protocol.

USB-inSync™ is able to provide added functionality utilising standard USB cables, ports and hubs because the technology is embedded in every ChronoLogic device. Additionally ChronoLogic devices can be used as a timing reference to control external equipment.

By integrating our patented USB platform with high-performance test and measurement technologies we can offer unique, customisable and cost-effective solutions for today's most demanding applications. For examples of USB-inSync™ product applications, please visit our “Application Centre”.

And use the More Information button below to read an Introduction to USB-inSync™, white paper.

Techmatron Instruments is the exclusive Canadian representative for Chronologic's USB-inSync™ products and technology.

We will be introducing the the USB-inSync™ technology with a seminar in Salon “C” and a product demonstration at EPTECH in the Mississauga Convention Center on October 20, 2011.

Please call Sandra McCoy at Techmatron,  905-564-2588  to reserve your space.


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