Trueform arbitrary waveforms with TiePie Handyscope HS5 CDS technology
Headline date: 2014-12-08

TiePie Handyscope HS5 arbitrary function generator offers the lowest THD in its class. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TiePie's exclusive trueform Constant Data Size (CDS) technology enables generating trueform (point-by-point) arbitrary waveforms with exceptionally low jitter and high fidelity. CDS has many advantages over its predecessor, the well known DDS system. Trueform CDS technology is now applied to the Handyscope HS5 Arbitrary Waveform Generator, making it a function generator with great flexibility and unparalleled performance, at the price of a common DDS function generator. This article shows the exceptional qualities of CDS compared to DDS. Advantages of TiePie CDS compared to DDS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The trueform CDS technology used in the Handyscope HS5 Arbitrary waveform generator is superior to traditional Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) which has been applied in the recent decades. DDS has many drawbacks, such as high jitter when generating low frequency signals and a high Total Harmonic Distortion (THD). Trueform CDS eliminates these drawbacks and gives every engineer access to an Arbitrary waveform generator with characteristics previously unaffordable.


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