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10 Chan Counter Timer 2,9513 100ppm XTL


  • 10 16-Bit cntrs
  • AMD 9513 based
  • 1 MHz & 5 MHz on board XTAL oscillator source

Counter Specifications:

Counters: 20 CIO-CTR20, 10 CIO-CTR10
Counter type: AMD 9513
I/O levels/drives: CMOS family
Ext. input freq. range: Up to 7 MHz
On-board freq source: 1 MHz or 5 MHz
XTAL stability: Stability Series100 ppm, /H50 Series 50ppm

9513 Operating Modes:

The 9513 is extremely powerful and flexible and may be configured for; event counting, pulse width measurement, frequency measurement, frequency division, generating complex duty cycles and much more. It supports one-shot and continuous modes.
BR>Software Description:

Includes InstaCal , installation, calibration and test software. The CIO-CTR series is supported by the UniversalLibrary . The CIO-CTR family is also supported by many third party, high-level data acq. programs.

Cables / Screw Terminal Boards:

C50FF-# cable with CIO-MINI50 screw terminal board.


Measurement Computing MCC-DAQ
# CountersTen 16-Bit
Counter typeAMD 9513
I/O levels/drivesCMOS family
Ext. input freq. rangeUp to 7 MHz
On-board freq source1 MHz or 5 MHz
XTAL stabilityStability Series100 ppm, /H50 Series 50ppm